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Pay attention! Give ear! This is for your Good! For Your Profit for many a long day. Don't play with your food!

The 10 Yokes to Rebirth

The Five Yokes to Lower Births


The Three Yokes to Lower Births

1. The One Truth Yoke. Holding the view that any one way of seeing the self is the one true way and that all other ways are false

2. The Doubts and Vascillation Yoke. Hanging on to doubt:
Are there good deeds?
Is there such a thing as kamma?
Are there bad deeds?
Are there Mothers and Fathers?
Is there rebirth according to one's deeds?
Is there an escape, detachment, Nibbāna?
Are there Gods, Evil Ones, God, Seer's who have seen?
Doubt about pain.
Doubt about the origin of pain.
Doubt about the termination of pain.
Doubt about The Way.

3. The faith in good works yoke. Attachment to the belief that ritual, good deeds, ceremony, or ethical conduct will bring an end to pain and suffering (pain), end blindness, or will free one from the effects of kamma.

4. The wishing-for-pleasure yoke. Attachment to wanting, wishing for pleasure, greed, lust, wanting to give pleasure, seeking one's own good, not being satisfied with things the way they are.

5. The bypath yoke. Attachment to going the wrong way, the way of wrath, anger, malevolence

The Five Yokes to Higher Births

6. The Lust for Material Form Yoke. Materialism, attachment to things with form, shape: The eye and sight, The ear ana sound, the nose and scents, the tongue and tastes, the body ana touches.

7. The Lust for Immaterial Form Yoke. Unworldly desire, attachment to the incorporeal, ideas, Nibbāna.

8. The Pride Yoke. Gone Mental, Pride: Pride of Birth, Family, Wealth, Health, Youth, Life. Conceit. Arrogance.

9. The Over Excitement Yoke. Excitement so intense it causes the body to shudder, shake, tremble. It is attachment to detachment, producing flurry, anxiety, worry, fear and trembling and loosing your grip.

10. The Blindness Yoke. Blindness. No Vision. Not seeing things as they really are. Not seeing The Four Aristocrats of Truths.