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Aniconic Seated Buddha


Venerable Mahasi Sayadaw


Bhikkhu Nanavira


Bhikkhu Nanamoli


Sister Uppalavanna

1904 - 1982
Venerable Mahasi Sayadaw


1920 - 1965
Nanavira Thera


1905 - 1960
Nanamoli Thera


1886 1982
Sister Uppalavanna

On Venerable Punnaji


Venerable Bhikkhu Bodhi


Bhikkhu Thanissaro

Venerable Punnaji
Maha Thera


1944 -
Venerable Bhikkhu


1949 -

V. Trenckner


V. Trenckner


R.C. Childers


Henry Clarke Warren


Lord Chalmers

Viggo Fausbøll


V. Trenckner


Robert Caesar Childers


Henry Clarke Warren


Chalmers, Robert

Edwin Arnold


F. Max Muller


George Buhler


Hermann Oldenberg


place holder for Olcott

Edwin Arnold


F. Max Müller


1837 - 1898
George Buhler


1854 - 1920
Hermann Oldenberg


1832 — 1907.
Henry Olcott

T.W. Rhys Davids


C.A.F. Rhys Davids


F.L. Woodward


I.B. Horner


image placeholder

T.W. Rhys Davids


C.A.F Rhys Davids


1871 - 1952
F. L. Woodward


1896 - 1981
I. B. Horner


1893 — 1955
E.M. Hare

Ernst Wilhelm Oskar Windisch


William Henry Denham Rouse


Maurice O'Connell Walshe


K.R. Norman


Richard Gombrich

1844 - 1918
E.W.O. Windisch


1863 - 1950
W.H.D. Rouse


1911 - 1998
M.O. Walshe


1925 - 2020
K.R. Norman


1937 -
R. Gombrich

Carlos Castaneda

1925 - 1998
Carlos Casteneda

Persons that should be added to this gallery: [Editors of the Pāḷi Texts. See Buddhism, Its History and Literature for their works.]:
Mr. J.E. Carpenter,
Margaret Cone, In 2001 the Society published the first volume of a new Dictionary of Pāḷi, by Margaret Cone. This of course reflects much more up-to-date scholarship than the old Dictionary, but is also much longer and much more expensive, and it is expected that the old one will be kept in print even when this is completed.—
Prof. Cowell,
Mr. Gooneratne,
Mr. Léon Feer,
Prof. Jacobi,
Prof. Minayeff,
Dr. Morris,
Prof. Ed. Müller,
Prof. Pischel,
William Stede, Wilhelm Stede originally came to Britain during World War I as a German prisoner of war. He later settled there and anglicized his name. His main contribution was as coeditor of the Dictionary with Rhys Davids.—
Dr. Steinthal,
Mr. Strong,
Mr. Arnold C. Taylor,

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