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Index of Sutta Indexes

Kuddhaka Nikaya

Index of the Dhammapada


SBE: The Dhammapada: A Collection of Verses, Being One of the Canonical Books of the Buddhists. Vol. X, Part I of The Sacred Books of the East, edited by F. Max Müller, translated from the Pāḷi by F. Max Müller
PTS/BJT: Dhammapada Edited by O. von Hinüber and K.R. Norman (BJT page numbers agree with the PTS)
The Word of the Doctrine, translated by K.R. Norman
ATI: The Path of Dhamma, translated by Bhk. Thanissaro

1. Yamaka Vagga, [v. 1-20]
SBE: The Twin Verses, Müller, trans.
PTS: Yamakavagga, p 1
The Pairs, p 1
ATI, The Pairs

2. Appamāda Vagga, [v. 21-32]
SBE: On Earnestness, Müller, trans.
PTS: Appamādavagga, p 7
Carefulness, p 1
ATI, Heedfulness

3. Citta Vagga, [v. 33-43]
SBE: Thought, Müller, trans.
PTS: Cittavagga, p 10
Thought, p 1
ATI, The Mind

4. Puppha Vagga, [v. 44-59]
SBE: Flowers, Müller, trans.
PTS: Pupphavagga, p 13
Flowers, p 1
ATI, Flowers

5. Bāla Vagga, [v. 60-75]
SBE: The Fool, Müller, trans.
PTS: Bālavagga, p 17
The Fool, p 1
ATI, The Fool

6. Paṇḍita Vagga, [v. 76-89]
SBE: The Wise Man, Müller, trans.
PTS: Paṇḍitavagga, p 22
The Learned Man, p 1
ATI, The Wise

7. Arahanta Vagga, [v. 90-99]
SBE: The Venerable, Müller, trans.
PTS: Arahantavagga, p 26
The Arahant, p 1
ATI, The Arahant

8. Sahassa Vagga, [v. 100-115]
SBE: The Thousands, Müller, trans.
PTS: Sahassavagga, p 29
Thousands, p 1
ATI, Thousands

9. Pāpa Vagga, [v. 116-128]
SBE: Evil, Müller, trans.
PTS: Pāpavagga, p 33
Evil, p 1
ATI, Evil

10. Daṇḍa Vagga, [v. 129-145]
SBE: Punishment, Müller, trans.
PTS: Daṇḍavagga, p 37
Violence, p 1
ATI, Violence

11. Jarā Vagga, [v. 146-156]
SBE: Old Age, Müller, trans.
PTS: Jarāvagga, p 42
Old Age, p 1
ATI, Old Age

12. Atta Vagga, [v. 157-166]
SBE: Self, Müller, trans.
PTS: Attavagga, p 45
The Self, p 1
ATI, The Self

13. Loka Vagga, [v. 167-178]
SBE: The World, Müller, trans.
PTS: Lokavagga, p 48
The World, p 1
ATI, The World

14. Buddha Vagga, [v. 179-196]
SBE: The Buddha (The Awakened), Müller, trans.
PTS: Buddhavagga, p 51
Awakened, p 1
ATI, The Buddha

15. Sukha Vagga, [v. 197-208]
SBE: Happiness, Müller, trans.
PTS: Sukhavagga, p 56
Happiness, p 1
ATI, Happiness

16. Piya Vagga, [v. 209-220]
SBE: Pleasure, Müller, trans.
PTS: Piyavagga, p 60
Pleasant, p 1
ATI, Affection

17. Kodha Vagga, [v. 221-234]
SBE: Anger, Müller, trans.
PTS: Kodhavagga, p 63
Anger, p 1
ATI, Anger

18. Mala Vagga, [v. 235-255]
SBE: Impurity, Müller, trans.
PTS: Mala vagga, p 67
Impurity, p 1
ATI, Impurity

19. Dhammaṭṭha Vagga, [v. 256-272]
SBE: The Just, Müller, trans.
PTS: Dhammaṭṭha vagga, p 73
The Righteous, p 1
ATI, The Just

20. Magga Vagga, [v. 273-289]
SBE: The Way, Müller, trans.
PTS: Maggavagga, p 77
The Path, p 1
ATI, The Path

21. Pakiṇṇaka Vagga, [v. 290-305]
SBE: Miscellaneous, Müller, trans.
PTS: Pakiṇṇakavagga, p 82
Miscellaneous, p 1
ATI, Miscellany

22. Niraya Vagga, [v. 306-319]
SBE: The Downward Course, Müller, trans.
PTS: Nirayavagga, p 86
Hell, p 1
ATI, Hell

23. Nāga Vagga, [v. 320-333]
SBE: The Elephant, Müller, trans.
PTS: Nāgavagga, p 90
The Elephant, p 1
ATI, Elephants

24. Taṇhā Vagga, [v. 334-359]
SBE: Thirst, Müller, trans.
PTS: Taṇhāvagga, p 94
Craving, p 1
ATI, Craving

25. Bhikkhu Vagga, [v. 360-382]
SBE: The Bhikshu (Mendicant), Müller, trans.
PTS: Bhikkhuvagga, p 101
The Bhikkhu, p 1
ATI, Monks

26. Brāhmaṇa Vagga, [v. 383-423]
SBE: The Brahmana (Arhat), Müller, trans.
PTS: Brāhmaṇavagga, p 107
The Brahman, p 1
ATI, Brahmans


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