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Kuddhaka Nikaya


Pāḷi Text Society [PTS]: Kuddakapātha, Edited by Helmer Smith
The Minor Readings, Bhk. Ñāṇamoli
Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society [J.R.A.S.] New Series, Volume IV; London, Trübner and Company; 1870; ART. VII.: Lesser Readings, R.C. Childers
Access to Insight website [ATI]: The Short Passages, Bhk. Thanissaro


I. Saraṇattayaṃ 1
J.R.A.S.: The Three Refuges
PTS: The Three Refuges, 1
ATI: Going for Refuge

II. Dasasikkhāpadaṃ 1
J.R.A.S.: The Ten Laws of the Priesthood
PTS: The Ten Training Precepts, 1
ATI: The Ten Training Rules

III. Dvattiṃsākāraṃ 2
J.R.A.S.: The Thirty-two Constituent Parts of the Body
PTS: The Thirty-Two-Fold Aspect, 2
ATI: The 32 Parts

IV: Kumārapañhaṃ 2
J.R.A.S.: The Novice's Questions
PTS: The Boy's Questions, 2
ATI: The Novice's Questions

V: Maṅgalasuttaṃ 2
J.R.A.S.: The Sources of Happiness
PTS: The Good Omen Discourse, 2
ATI: Protection

VI: Ratanasuttaṃ 6
J.R.A.S.: The Three Jewels
PTS: The Jewel Discourse, 4
ATI: Treasures

VII: Tirokuḍasuttaṃ 6
J.R.A.S.: The Spirits of the Departed
PTS: The Without-the-Walls Discourse, 7
ATI: Hungry Shades Outside the Walls

VIII: Nidhikaṇḍasuttam 7
J.R.A.S.: The Hidden Treasure
PTS: The Treasure-Store Discourse, 8
ATI: The Reserve Fund

IX: Mettasuttaṃ 8
J.R.A.S.: Good Will to All
PTS: The Lovingkindness Discourse, 10
ATI: Good Will

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