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Pāḷi Text Society

The Society was founded in 1881 by T.W. Rhys Davids "to foster and promote the study of Pāḷi texts". It publishes Pāḷi texts in roman characters, translations in English and ancillary works including dictionaries, concordances, books for students of Pāḷi and a journal. As the List of Issues shows, most of the classical texts and commentaries have now been edited and many works translated into English. The Society aims to keep almost all its publications in print and to produce at least two new books and a volume of its Journal each year.

The Society is non-profit making and depends on the sale of its publications, on members' subscriptions and on the generosity of donors. Alongside its publishing activities, it provides Research Studentships for a number of people in a variety of countries who are working in the field of Pāḷi studies. It also supports the Fragile Palm Leaves Project, which is involved in the conservation and identification of Southeast Asian manuscripts.

The Pāḷi Text Society
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Digital Dictionaries of Southeast Asia
The Pāḷi/English Dictionary on Line:


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A central location for Information on Theravada Buddhism:

Access to Insight link

Access to Insight has gone static, and has been supplanted by: Logo

Talks, Writings & Translations
of Thānissaro Bhikkhu

Sutta Readings Sister ATI site

An Internet website dedicated to providing accurate, reliable, and useful information concerning the practice and study of Theravada Buddhism, as it has been handed down to us through both the written word of the Pāḷi Canon and the living example of the Saṇgha.


Buddhist Publication Society Logo

Buddhist Publication Society

P.O. Box 61
54, Saṇgharaja Mawatha
Kandy, Sri Lanka


867 Larmon Road
Onalaska, WA 98570 USA

Books, Tapes, Retreats

Vipassana Oriented

A large collection of books from The Buddhist Publication Society and The Pāḷi Text Society


Wisdom Publications Logo

Publishes many books on all branches of Buddhism including the Pāḷi.


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Tipitaka Web Page


Golden Buddha ImageBuddhaSassana Bin Anson Logo

This web site contains documents, resources, and links about the Buddha's Teaching in two languages: English and Vietnamese.

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Resources for the Study of Buddhism

Compiled by Dr Ron Epstein
Philosophy Department
San Francisco State University


Buddhist Studies WWW Virtual Library

The Internet Guide to Buddhism and Buddhist Studies

A vast site cataloging much of what is available on the net on all branches of Buddhism; on the other hand the site looks abandoned and much seems out of date.


This facility enables one to identify the Chinese, Tibetan, and Sanskrit "parallels" or "counterparts" to the suttas of the four main Pāḷi Nikayas - or vice versa. It is designed for those whose interest in the Early Buddhist discourses extends beyond the limits of the Pāḷi Sutta-pitaka to include the extensive corresponding materials found elsewhere: the Agamas and individual sutras preserved in Chinese, the occasional sutra translations contained in the Tibetan Kanjur, and the numerous published fragments of sutras in Sanskrit and related languages.


Sadhu Forum
A searchable and browseable directory of Theravada Buddhist resources around the world. It provides nicely annotated links to sites offering information on traditions, news and events, organizations (including monasteries, meditation centers, libraries, and temples), personalities, online reading materials, publications, audiovisual materials, and more. The categories are logical and navigation is simple.

Some links:
All Things Pāḷi
Archive version of BuddhaDust 2000





Metta Net-Lanka

Dhamma Resources


The Internet Sacred Text Archive

A huge collection of Public Domain documents covering a wide variety of sacred subjects. There is a CD available.


Ancient-Buddhist Texts

The website, which is still expanding, includes texts, translations, and studies from both the early and medieval periods, in Pāḷi, Sanskrised Prakrit, and Classical Sanskrit.


Open Buddhist University

The Open Buddhist University

A huge but very well organized and beautifully presented collection of references to Buddhist works of all sorts.

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