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Bon Moz


Bits and scraps, crumbs, fine
Particles that drift down to
Walkers of The Walk.
Then: Thanks for that, Far-Seer!
Great 'Getter-of-the-Get'n!



I'm not going to wear my hat out any more.
If I wear my hat out,
I'll wear my hat out.
And if I wear my hat out
I won't be able to wear my hat out any more.



A while back when I was broke,
I didn't have a care.
Now that I am filthy rich,
I live in constant fear.

A while back when I was rich,
I lived in constant fear.
But now that I am broke again
The cares I had have disappeared.



Life's a game
You either play it or you don't.
If you do
You lose.



There is no spot
On a mountain of shit
Which is the best spot
To be caught



He who pees
And pissing misses
Ought should clean
His missing pissing.



You learn to bake an apple pie,
And then you die.
Now that's deep dish.



You can't let go
of something
that is terrifying you.

If your behavior
is terrifying you
you need to change your behavior
before you can let go.



Straight-talk: It's hard to Mistake.



Let go
trying to imagine how it will be

However you imagine it will be
what it will be
will be different from that



If you can't get the door to open
because you have a differently shaped key
than the one required by the lock on the door,
then you ought not to blame the door.



Life is the Door to Liberation,
And the Gate to Hell,
Be Careful, therefore, My Friends,
On which side of it you dwell.



In the Summer
The Devil sits in shit
And spits
And does a million other tricks
To spit the shits he picks
So that
In the Winter
He can sit
And sift his shit
And toast his soles
On the souls he roasts
While playing with
e's ick up styx



When the Wierd-o tells you
He talks with God
You laugh
And think him mad.
But God knows
The Wierd-o knows
When he laughs
And tells you he talks with God
That God knows who's God
And who is
And who is not Mad



The Place to Pace

It's not the place you place the place to pace
That makes the place to pace
The best place to pace
It's the pace you pace the place to pace
That makes the place to pace
The best place
To out-pace the round of endless deaths.



Didja didja jijja?
If'n ya didna didja jijja
wicki witch'l wackya
with 'er wicki witchi wan.



Scorn not the beggar and his bowl
For in the eyes of god,
We are beggars all



However Deep
You Deem
The Seen
The Seen
Is Deepter
Than it Seems.