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Language in Early Buddhism
and Other Articles of Interest in Buddhist Studies

The following is a list of interesting looking articles focused primarily on the language of early Buddhism but including some more general topics. The list was culled from the results of a much larger and more general and multi-lingual search done on It would be most helpful to one and all if those finding these articles on line or finding names of publishers, journals, etc and dates of publication would get back to me with the information.

Bagchi, P.C., On the Original Buddhism, Its Canon and Language, Sino-Indian Studies, (Vol. II Parts 3 and 4).

Barrett, Timothy Hugh, Ji Xianlin on the original language of Buddhism

Bechert, Heinz, Methodological Considerations Concerning the Language of the Earliest Buddhist Tradition

Bucknell, Roderick S., Stuart-Fox, Martin, Nordstrom, Lou, The twilight language; explorations in Buddhist meditation and symbolism

Cabezon, Jose Ignacio, The development of a Buddhist philosophy of language and its culmination in Tibetan Madhyamika thought 1956-

Caillat, Colette, Some Idiosyncrasies of Language and Style in Asoka's Rock Edicts at Girnar

Chiang, Gary, Source materials in Buddhist studies in western languages (from late 19th century to 1989)

Chinchore, Mangala R., Lost Buddhist Texts: The Rationale of Their Reconstruction in Sanskrit

Cousins, Lance S., Vitakka/vitarka and vicara: stages of samadhi in Buddhism and Yoga [tables]

Davis, Jonathan, Ego development of Buddhist meditators: a qualitative study

Daye, Douglas Dunsmore, Reflexivity and metalanguage games in Buddhist causality

Dhammaramo, Bhikkhu Vipassi, The Dhammapada in the Languages of Nepal

Dreyfus, Georges Bernard Jacques, Ontology, philosophy of language and epistemology in Buddhist tradition: a study of Dharmakir' ti. philosophy in the light of its reception in the later Indo-Tibetan tradition

Eliade, Mircea, Mythologies of memory and forgetting

Fader, Larry Allen, The philosophically significant Western understandings of D. T. Suzuki's interpretation of Zen and their influence on occidental culture examined critically in relation to Suzuki's thought as contained in his English language writings

Fairchild, Patricia Shea, Chinese Buddhism and language: an investigation of language and translation in the study of Chinese thought

Gomez, Luis O., Language: Buddhist Views of Language

Gray, C.E., Buddhism as a language of images, transtextuality as a language of power (Reprint)

Griffiths, Paul J, Buddhist jhana: a form-critical study

Halbfass, Wilhelm, Early Indian references to the Greeks and the first western references to Buddhism [Sanskrit yavana]

Hodgson, B. H. (Brian Houghton), Essays on the languages, literature, and religion of Nepal and Tibet together with further papers on the geography, ethnology, and commerce of those countries

Hodgson, B. H. (Brian Houghton), Illustrations of the literature and religion of the Buddhists. The sutra of the sixth patriarch on the pristine orthodox dharma. Hui-neng, 638-713.

Hodgson, Brian H., European Speculations on Buddhism

Hsiao, Shih-ping, Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot: Suffering and Emptiness -- An Interpretation in the Light of Buddhism

Jose, Ignacio Cabezon, Buddhism and Language

Karunatillake, W. S., A Trace of the Palatal /s/ in Pāḷi

Kleppe, Judith Anne, Language, reality, and the perfection of wisdom : examining the role of language in Buddhist experience

Klostermaier, Klaus, Dharmamegha Samadhi: Comments on Yogasutra IV, 29

Lehman, F. K., On the vocabulary and semantics of "field" in Theravada Buddhist society

Masefield, Peter, The nibbana-parinibbana controversy

Matilal, Bimal Krishna ed., Buddhist logic and epistemology: studies in the Buddhist analysis of inference and language

Minaev, I. P. (Ivan Pavlovich), Pāḷi grammar: a phonetic and morphological sketch with an introductory essay on Pāḷi Buddhism, 1st Indian ed. 1840-1890

Muller, F.Max, The Meaning of Nirvana

Nagatomi, Masatoshi, Gratitude as thanksgiving and thanksgiving as gratitude anumodana, krtaj, pao-en

Nanamoli, Bhikkhu, A Pāḷi-English glossary of Buddhist technical terms

Norman, K. R., The Language in Which the Buddha Taught

Norman, K. R., The Languages of Early Buddhism

Norman, K. R., The Origin of Pāḷi and Its Place among the Indo-European Languages

Norman, K. R., The Pāḷi Language and Scriptures / Norman, K. R.

Norman, K.R., Pāḷi and the Language of the Heretics

Norman, K.R., The Dialects in which the Buddha Preached

Norman, Kenneth R., Mistaken ideas about nibbana

Nyanatiloka, Manual of Buddhist terms and doctrines [4th rev. ed.]

Oldenberg, Hermann, Ancient India: its language and religions, 2d ed.

Oldenberg, Hermann, Suzuki, Daisetz Teitaro, Ancient India: its language and religions, [2d ed.] The awakening of Zen 1870-1966.

Oliver, Mary, The Buddha's last instruction

Payne, Richard K., Language conducive to awakening : categories of language use in East Asian Buddhism; with particular attention to the Vajrayana tradition

Phelps, Dryden Linsley, A study of the origin and earley development of CH'AN Buddhism based on documents in the CH'IN TING KU CHIN T'U SHU CHI CH'ENG and sources primarily relating to bodhidharma

Piatigorsky, Alexander, Some observations on the notion of Tathāgatagarbha

Pyysiainen, Ilkka, Beyond language and reason-- mysticism in Indian Buddhism

Saddhatissa, H., Pāḷi studies in Cambodia

Sasaki, Genjun, Linguistic approach to Buddhist thought 1915-

Silva, Lily De, Pāḷi Primer

Sivaraksa, Sulak, Buddhism and development: a Thai perspective [Samma Ditthi]

Skilling, Peter, An Arapacana Syllabary in the Bhadrakalpika-Sutra

Smith, R Morton, What was one's own language? Vinaya 2. 139

Smith, Roy Brabant, The place of dana (giving or generosity) in Buddhism [ assisting a temple or bhikkhu]

Soothill, William Edward (comp.); Hodous Lewis (comp.), A Dictionary of Chinese Buddhist Terms

Streng, Frederick J., Gratitude and thankful joy in Indian Buddhism anumodana and krta-jna in Pāḷi literature; bibliog

Takakusu, Junjiro, A Pāḷi chrestomathy

Tang, Jian, Medieval Chinese and Sanskrit: historical linguistic contacts through translation of Mahayana Buddhism scriptures

Tilakaratne, A., The Development of "Sacred Language" in the Buddhist Tradition

Tilakaratne, Asanga, Nirvana and ineffability: a study of the Buddhist theory of reality and language

Unknown, Transformation and Healing: The Sutra on the Four Establishments of Mindfulness = Tipitaka. Suttapitaka.

von Hinuber, O., From Colloquial to Standard Language. The Oral Phase in the Development

Waldschmidt, Ernst, Central Asian Sutra Fragments and their Realtion to the Chinese Agamas

Walter, Michael L., The role of alchemy and medicine in Indo-Tibetan Tantrism

Watts, Alan, Limits of language

Wayman, Alex, Is it a crow (Pāḷi: dhamka) or a nurse (Sanskrit: dhatri)?

Yanagida, Seizan, The Li-tai fa-pao chi and the Ch'an doctrine of sudden awakening

Younger, Paul, Concept of duhkha and the Indian religious tradition

Zeuschner, Robert B., The concept of li nien ("being free from thinking") in the Northern line of Ch'an Buddhism