Khuddaka Nikaya

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8 2: Nibbāna Suttaɱ

Parinibbana (2)

Translated from the Pali by John D. Ireland.
©1997 Buddhist Publication Society.
From The Udana: Inspired Utterances of the Buddha, (Kandy: Buddhist Publication Society, 1997). Copyright © 1997 Buddhist Publication Society. Used with permission.



[VIII-2.1][than] Thus have I heard. At one time the Lord was staying near Sāvatthi in the Jeta Wood at Anāthapiṇḍika's monastery. On that occasion the Lord was instructing... the bhikkhus with a Dhamma talk connected with Nibbāna, and those bhikkhus... were intent on listening to Dhamma.

Then, on realizing its significance, the Lord uttered on that occasion this inspired utterance:

The uninclined is hard to see, The truth is not easy to see; Craving is penetrated by one who knows, For one who sees there is nothing.




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