Pay attention! Give ear! This is for your Good! For Your Profit for many a long day. Don't play with your food!The Advantages and Disadvantages

The Advantages and Disadvantages

A discussion of the advantages of being good and the disadvantages of going bad is a standard part of the gradual course.

From here, having been made acquainted with Giving, Ethical Conduct and Self Control, what remains is a life-decision:
You can go one of three directions from here:

1. Carry on as usual, ignoring the dangers and the advantages;
2. Take heed of the dangers, but ignore the real problem: Optimize your experience of the world by eliminating the dangerous and cultivating the productive of good results; or
3. You can decide to try and solve the problem of pain by undertaking the further steps of this method.

To help in this decision this section points out the disadvantages of going bad and the advantages of doing good with the idea that awareness of the disadvantages of unskillful behavior and incorporating good works as a matter of providing one's self with a safety-net is a solid basis for making headway in the effort to accomplish the higher goal of abandoning every confounded thing.



The Disadvantages of Going Bad

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The Advantages of Doing Good



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