Khuddaka Nikaya

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Sutta Nipāta
Sutta 12. Bhadravudha-manava-puccha Sutta

[pali] [faus]

Bhadravudha's Questions

Translated from the Pali by Thanissaro Bhikkhu.

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I entreat the one
who is very intelligent,
    released, unperturbed --
who has     abandoned home,
        abandoned delight,
        abandoned resemblances,
        cut through craving,
        crossed over the flood.

Having heard the Great One, they will leave --
    the many gathered
    from many lands, hero,
    in hope of your words.
So tell them, please,
    how this Dhamma has
    been known to you.

The Buddha:

Subdue craving and clinging -- all --
    above, below,
    across, in between. [1]
For whatever people cling to in the world,
    it's through that
    that Mara pursues them.

So a monk, mindful,
    seeing these people
    clinging to entanglement
    as entangled in Death's realm,
should cling to nothing
    in all the world,
        every world.


[1] For Nd.II's discussion of the various meanings of the objects of craving "above, below, across, in between," see Note [2] to Sn.V.4 (Mettagu's Question).


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