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Mulapariyaya Resources

Mulapariyaya Suttanta (The Pāḷi)

The Root of All Evil (Translation by obo)

Mūla-Pariyāya-Sutta, HOW STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS ORIGINATE, the Lord Chalmers, Sacred Books of the Buddhists translation.

Discourse on the Synopsis of Fundamentals (Pāḷi Text Society Horner Translation)

The Root of Things (Translation of Bhikkhu Ñāṇamoli and Bhikkhu Bodhi)

The Root Sequence (Translation of Bhikkhu Thanissaro)

Múlapariyáya Sutta (In German)

The Mulapariyaya Jataka (The "Birth Story" related to the telling of the Mulapariyaya; Rouse, trans.; UNESCO edition.

The Gotamaka Sutta (Pāḷi)

The Gotamaka Sutta (obo trans.)

The Gotamaka Sutta (Woodward trans.)

Gotamaka-cetiya Sutta; At Gotamaka Shrine (Bhikkhu Thanissaro trans.)

Examination of the Mulapariyaya

Pāḷi Buddhist Review, Vol.5 #1-2 The first article is the Bhikkhu Ñāṇamoli translation. Not the version edited by Bhk. Bodhi.

The Mulapariyaya (Translated by MO, with the MO translation of the Gotamaka) in a downloadable ZIP file; with the American Pictogram Font, in Word, set up specifically for Printing. With special thanks to V.M. for formatting and critical comments.

This edition is being set up with the pleasure of enjoyment of this great work in mind. It is being set in a special script designed with the idea that every letter of our alphabet carries deep meaning. Almost every sutta occupies it's own page. The intent is that the combination of individual sutta presentation together with an unusual typeface will slow down the reader sufficiently to allow the penetration of some of the true magic present in this book.

I have done my best to translate this book for both meaning and readability. This edition contains very few Pāḷi words and no commentary, explanations, apologies, sutta numbers, chapter heads, or notes. If you would like to examine the Pāḷi, or the translation along with accompanying notes, you need look no further than the links above.

It is my hope that readers will print this out using the highest quality printer settings and on fine paper, and seek to bind it themselves such that the final product is a work to be treasured and read time and time again.

This Download is 95KB Zipped. It contains a further ZIP file of the American Pictogram Font to be used for display. Please note that as a consequence of the layout of this font, this edition will not display properly in any other font without some extensive editing — I want you to use this font!

And as food for thought: The Indriyabhavana Sutta The last sutta of the Majjhima Nikaya

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