Aṇguttara Nikāya

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III. Tika Nipāta
XIII. Kusināra Vagga

The Book of the Threes

Sutta 123

Gotamaka-Cetiya Suttaṃ

Gotamaka Shrine

Translated from the Pāḷi
Michael M. Olds



[1][pts][than] I Hear Tell:

Once Upon a Time,

The Lucky Man, Vesali District, Gotama Shrine, came-a revisiting.

There he said
to those same Beggars
who had found no satisfaction
in the Mulapariyaya Spell:[1]


And "Broke-tooth" those Beggars responded.

"Beggars, when I teach Dhamma
I do so knowing Dhamma,
not without knowing.

I teach Dhamma precisely
not imprecisely.

I teach Dhamma in a wondrously deep way,
not in a way that is not wondrously deep.

It is because I teach Dhamma knowing,
not not knowing;
not imprecisely;
in a wondrously deep way,
not in a way that is not wondrously deep
that it is as it ought to be
that it is I that am instructing,
that it is I that am advising.

In this case
it is the reasonable thing
that one should be pleased
and brought to higher consciousness,
mentally at ease
with the thought that
'Well taught is the Dhamma
by the #1 Wide-Awakened One;
properly managed is the Order.'"

This is what the Buddha said,
and it was at this time
that those Beggars understood the Mulapariyaya Sutta
and were pleased
and were brought to higher consciousness,
and furthermore
the thousandfold world system was shaken.


[1]The Root of All Evil Closing paragraph.


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