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Saṃyutta Nikāya
3. Khandhā Vagga
23. Rādha Saṃyuttaṃ
1. Māra Vagga

Suttas Linked to Rādha

1. Māra

Suttas 1-46

Translated from the Pāḷi
Michael M. Olds



Sutta 7

Sotāpanna Suttaṃ


[7.1][pts][bodh] I Hear Tell:

Once upon a time, The Lucky man,
Sāvatthi-town revisiting,
Jeta Grove,
Anathapiṇḍika's Park.

Then one time there the Ancient Rādha drew near Bhagava,
gave salutation,
and took a seat to one side.

At that time, so seated,
the Lucky Man said this to the Ancient Rādha:

"These five, Rādha,
are the grasped-after stockpiles.

What five?


Grasped-after form,
grasped-after sense-experience,
grasped-after perception,
grasped-after own-making,
grasped-after consciousness.

Now, Rādha, whatever those shamans and Brahmans
do understand as it really is
the self-arising of
the settling down of
the satisfaction in
the disadvantages of,
the halting of,
these five grasped-after stockpiles
as they really are,
these are termed, Rādha,
a student of the aristocrats
who is a stream-winner,
not subject to states of woe,
destined for self-awakening."



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