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Index of the Suttas of the
Aŋguttara Nikāya


Index of Sutta Indexes


Aŋguttara Nikāya

PTS: Aŋguttara Nikāya, The html formatted Pali Text Society edition of the Pali text.
Volume I Ones, Twos and Threes, ed. by R. Morris, London: Pali Text Society 1885, second edition, revised by A.K. Warder, 1961.

BJT: Aŋguttara Nikāya, The Sri Lanka Buddha Jayanti Tripitaka Series Pali text
Volume I Ones, Twos and Threes.

The Pali text for individual suttas listed below is adapted from the Sri Lanka Buddha Jayanti Tripitaka Series [BJT]. Pali vagga titles are links to this version of the Pali. Each translation is linked to it's Pali version and to the PTS, Olds and where available to the ATI Bhk. Thanissaro translation, and each of these is in turn linked back to each of the others. Much, but not all the Pali has been checked against the Pali Text Society edition, and many of the suttas have been reformatted to include the original Pali (and/or organizational) phrase and sentence breaks.

PTS: The Book of the Gradual Sayings or More-Numbered Suttas, Volume I. F.W. Woodward translation
ATI: Translations of Bhikkhu Thanissaro and others originally located on Access to Insight
WP: The Numerical Discourses of the Buddha, Bhikkhu Bodhi translation
BD: The M. Olds translations

3. Tika-Nipāta, I.101

PTS: The Book of the Threes
ATI: Book of the Threes
WP: The Book of the Threes

I. Bāla Vagga, I.101

PTS: The Fool, I.87
WP: The Fool, 201

#1: Bhaya Suttaɱ, I.101

PTS: Untitled, I.87
MNL: Fear, Sister Upalavana trans.
WP: Peril, 201

#2: Lakkhaṇa Suttaɱ, I.102

PTS: Untitled, I.88
ATI: Characterized (by Action), Bhk. Thanissaro, trans.
MNL: Characteristics, Sister Upalavana trans.
WP: Characteristics, 202

#3: Cintī Suttaɱ, I.102

PTS: Untitled, I.88
MNL: Considering, Sister Upalavana trans.
WP: Thinking, 202

#4: Accaya Suttaɱ, I.103

PTS: Untitled, I.89
MNL: Pardoning, Sister Upalavana trans.
WP: Transgression, 203

#5: Ayoniso Suttaɱ, I.103

PTS: Untitled, I.89
MNL: Without Wise Thinking, Sister Upalavana trans.
WP: Carelessly, 203

#6: Akusala Suttaɱ, I.103

PTS: Untitled, I.89
MNL: Demeritorias Actions, Sister Upalavana trans.
WP: Unwholesome, 203

#7: Sāvajja Suttaɱ, I.104

PTS: Untitled, I.89
MNL: Blamable, Sister Upalavana trans.
WP: Blameworthy, 204

#8: Sabyābajjha Suttaɱ, I.104

PTS: Untitled, I.89
MNL: Troubled, Sister Upalavana trans.
WP: Afflictive, 204

#9: Khata Suttaɱ, I.105

PTS: Untitled, I.89
MNL: Destroyed, Sister Upalavana trans.
WP: Maimed, 204

#10: Mala Suttaɱ, I.105

PTS: Untitled, I.90
MNL: Blemishes, Sister Upalavana trans.
WP: Stains, 205

II. Rathakāra Vagga, I.106

PTS: The Wheelwright, I.90
WP: The Cart Maker, 205

#11: Ñāta Suttaɱ, I.106

PTS: Three Qualities, I.90
MNL: Well-known Sister Upalavana trans.
BD: Knowingly, Olds translation
WP: Well Known, 205

#12: Sāraṇīya Suttaɱ, I.106

PTS: Three Places, I.91
MNL: Remembers Sister Upalavana trans.
WP: To Be Remembered, 206

#13: Āsaɱsa Suttaɱ, I.107

PTS: Three Persons, I.92
MNL: Desires Sister Upalavana trans.
WP: A Bhikkhu, 207

#14: Cakkavatti Suttaɱ, I.109

PTS: Dhamma, I.94
MNL: The Universal Wheel Sister Upalavana trans.
WP: Wheel-Turning, 208

#15: Rathakara (Pacetana) Suttaɱ, I.110

PTS: The wheelwright or Pacetana, I.95
ATI: The Chariot Maker
MNL: King Pacetana Sister Upalavana trans.
WP: Pacetana, 210

#16: Apaṇṇaka Suttaɱ, I.113

PTS: The Sure Course, I.97
MNL: Causing Trouble to Oneself Sister Upalavana trans.
WP: The Unmistaken, 211

#17: Attavyābādha Suttaɱ, I.114

PTS: Three Qualities, I.99
MNL: A Sure Method Sister Upalavana trans.
WP: Oneself, 213

#18: Devaloka Suttaɱ, I.115

PTS: The Deva-World, I.99
Buddhism in Translations, AN 3:18: Heaven Not the Highest Good. Warren, trans.
MNL: Heaven Sister Upalavana trans.
WP: Deva, 213

#19: Paṭhama Pāpaṇika Suttaɱ, I.115

PTS: The shopkeeper a, I.99.
MNL: The First on a Shopkeeper Sister Upalavana trans.
WP: Shopkeeper (1), 213

#20: Dutiya Pāpaṇika Suttaɱ, I.116

PTS: The Shopkeeper b, I.100
MNL: The Second on a Shopkeeper Sister Upalavana trans.
WP: Shopkeeper (2), 214

III. Puggala Vagga, I.118

PTS: On Persons, I.102
WP: Persons, 215

#21: Kāyasakkhī Suttaɱ, aka Saviṭṭha Suttam aka Samiddha Suttaɱ, I.118

PTS: Testifying with body, I.102
BD: The Body-knower, Olds translation
MNL: Venerable Saviṭṭha Sister Upalavana trans.
WP: Saviṭṭha, 215

#22: Gilāna Suttaɱ, I.120

PTS: The sick man, I.103
ATI 22: Gilana Sutta; Sick People
MNL: Sick Persons Sister Upalavana trans.
WP: Patients, 217

#23: Saŋkhāra Suttaɱ, I.122

PTS: Accumulation, I.105
MNL: Cooks Trouble Sister Upalavana trans.
WP: Volitional Activities, 218

#24: Bahukāra Suttaɱ, I.123

PTS: Most Helpful, I.105
MNL: Has Done Much Sister Upalavana trans.
WP: Helpful, 219

#25: Vajirūpama Suttaɱ, I.123

PTS: The Open Sore, I.106
MNL: Comparable to A Diamond Sister Upalavana trans.
WP: Diamond, 219

#26: Sevitabba Suttaɱ, I.124

PTS: To Be Followed, I.107
MNL: Should Be Associated Sister Upalavana trans.
WP: To Be Associated With, 220

#27: Jigucchitabba Suttaɱ, I.126

PTS: Loathsome, I.108
WP: Disgust, 221

#28: Gūthabhāṇī Suttaɱ, I.127

PTS: Fair-spoken, I.110
BD: Dung-tongue
WP: Speech Like Dung, 223

#29: Andha Suttaɱ, I.128

PTS: Blind, I.111
WP: Blind, 224

#30: Avakujja Suttaɱ, I.130

PTS: Topsy-turvy, I.
WP: Inverted, 225

IV. Devadūta Vagga I.132

PTS: Messengers of the Devas, I.114
WP: Divine Messengers, 227

#31: Sabrahmaka Suttaɱ, I.132

PTS: Equal with Brahma, I.114
WP: Brahmā, 227

#32: (a) Ānanda, (b) Sāriputta I.132

PTS: (a) Ananda, (b) Sariputta, I.115
MNL: (a) To Ananda, (b) To Sariputta [listed in the MNL collection as sutta #33.]
BD: (a) Ananda, (b) Sariputta, Olds, trans.
WP: 32. Ānanda, 228
WP: 33. Sāriputta, 229

#33: Nidāna Suttaɱ, I.134

Buddhism in Translations, Fruitful and Barren Karma. Warren, trans.
PTS: Causes, a-b, I.117
ATI (has this at #34): Nidana Sutta; Causes
BD: Beginnings
WP: 34. Causes, 230

#34: Hatthaka Suttaɱ, I.136

PTS: Of Alavi, I.119
ATI (has this at #35): To Hatthaka (on Sleeping Well in the Cold Forest), Bhk. Thanissaro, trans.
WP: 35. Hatthaka, 232

#35: Devadūta Suttaɱ, I.138

PTS: The Lord of Death i-vi, I.121
Buddhism in Translations, Death's Messengers. Warren, trans.
BD: Prologue III in The Pali Line, Olds adaptation
WP: 36. Messengers, 233

#36: Catumahārāja Suttaɱ, I.142

PTS: The Four Great Kings, I.126
WP: 37. Kings (1), 237

#37: Dutiya Catumahārāja Suttaɱ, I.143

PTS: Sakka, I.127
Buddhism in Translations,
AN 3:37: The Saints Superior to the Gods. Warren, trans.
WP: 38. Kings (2), 239

#38: Sukhumāla Suttaɱ (a) I.145

PTS: Delicately Nurtured, I.128
ATI (PTS: 38/39): Refinement
WP: 39. (PTS 38-39) Delicate, 239

#39: Sukhumāla Suttaɱ (b) I.146

PTS: Pride, I.129
ATI (#s38/39): Refinement

#40: Ādhipateyya Suttaɱ, I.147

PTS: Dominance i-iv, I.
ATI: Governing Principles
WP: 40. Authorities, 242

V. Cūḷa Vagga, I.150

PTS: The Minor Section, I.133
WP: The Minor Chapter, 244

#41: Summukhibhāva Suttaɱ, I.150

PTS: In Presence Of, I.133
WP: 41. Present, 244

#42: Tiṭhāna Suttaɱ, I.150

PTS: Characteristics, I.133
WP: 42. Cases, 245

#43: Atthavasa Suttaɱ, I.151

PTS: Qualities, I.134
BD: Conveying the Objective, Olds translation
WP: 43. Advantages, 245

#44: Kathāpavatti Suttaɱ, I.151

PTS: Respects, I.134
BD: Standing for Profitable Talk, Olds translation
WP: 44. Smooth Flow, 245

#45: Paṇḍita Suttaɱ, I.151

PTS: Duties, I.134
WP: 45. The Wise, 245

#46: Sīlavanta Suttaɱ, I.151

PTS: Virtuous, I.135
WP: 46. Virtuous, 246

#47: Asaŋkhatalakkhaṇa (Sankhata) Suttaɱ, I.152

PTS: Conditioned, I.
ATI: Fabricated
BD: The Construction of the Characteristics of the Constructed
WP: 47. Conditioned, 246

#48: Pabbatarāja (Pabbata) Suttaɱ, I.152

PTS: Mountain, I.135
ATI: A Mountain
WP: 48. Mountains, 246

#49: Ātappakaraṇīya Suttaɱ, I.153

PTS: Ardent Energy, I.136
WP: 49. Ardor, 247

#50: Mahā Cora Suttaɱ, I.153

PTS: Robber Chief i-ii, I.137
WP: 50. A Master Thief, 248

VI. Brāhmaṇa Vagga, I.155

PTS: The Brahmins, I.138
WP: Brahmins, 249

#51: Paṭhama Dve Brāhmaṇa (Dvejana) Suttaɱ, I.155

PTS: Two people a, I.138
ATI: Dvejana Sutta; Two People 1
WP: 51. Two Brahmins (1), 249

#52: Dutiya Brāhmaṇa (Dvejana) Suttaɱ, I.156

PTS: Two people b, I.139
ATI: Dvejana Sutta; Two People 2
WP: 52. Two Brahmins (2), 250

#53: Aññatara Brāhmaṇa Suttaɱ, I.156

PTS: The Brahmin, I.140
WP: 53. A Certain Brahmin, 250

#54: Paribbājaka Suttaɱ, I.157

PTS: The Brahmin Wanderer, I.140
WP: 54. A Wanderer, 251

#55: Nibbuta Suttaɱ, I.158

PTS: Nibbana, I.141
WP: 55. Nibbāna, 253

#56: Paloka Suttaɱ, I.159

PTS: The Rich Man, I.141
WP: 56. Depopulation, 254

#57: Vacchagotta Suttaɱ, I.160

PTS: Vacchagotta, I.143
ATI: Vaccha Sutta; To Vaccha (on Generosity)
WP: 57. Vaccha, 254

#58: Tikaṇṇa Suttaɱ, I.163

PTS: Tikaṇṇa i-vi, I.145
WP: 58. Tikaṇṇa, 256

#59: Jāṇussoṇi Suttaɱ, I.166

PTS: Jāṇussoṇī i-iv, I.150
WP: 59. Jāṇussoṇī, 260

#60: Saŋgārava Suttaɱ, I.168

PTS: Saŋgārava i-vii, I.
ATI (has this at #61): Sangarava Sutta; To Sangarava
WP: 60. Saŋgārava, 261

VII. Mahā Vagga, I.173

PTS: The Great Chapter, I.157
WP: The Great Chapter, 266

#61: Titthāyatanādi Suttaɱ, I.173

PTS: Tenets i-xiii, I.157
ATI: Sectarians
BD: Three Philosophical Propositions
WP: 61. Sectarian, 266

#62: Bhaya Suttaɱ, I.178

PTS: Terror i-vi, I.161
ATI: Dangers Bhk. Thanissaro, trans.
BD: Terrors, Olds translation
WP: 62. Perils, 270

#63: Venāgapura Suttaɱ, I.180

PTS: Venaga i-vii, I.162
WP: 63. Venāga, 272

#64: Sarabha Suttaɱ, I.185

PTS: Sarabha i-vi, I.167
WP: 64. Sarabha, 272

#65: Kesaputtiya (Kesamutti) Suttaɱ, I.188

PTS: Those of Kesaputta i-xvii, I.170
ATI: To the Kālāmas/The Buddha's Charter of Free Inquiry, Thanissaro Bhikkhu, trans
ATI 2: Soma Thera, trans
WP: 65. Kesaputtiya, 279

#66: Sāḷha Suttaɱ, I.193

PTS: Sāḷha i-xiii, I.176
ATI: To Salha
WP: 66. Sāḷha, 283

#67: Kathāvatthu Suttaɱ, I.197

PTS: Topics of Discourse i=vii, I.178
BD: Boundries of Debate
ATI: Topics for Discussion Bhk. Thanissaro, trans.
WP: 67. Bases of Talk, 283

#68: Aññatitthiya (Titthiya) Suttaɱ, I.199

PTS: Those of Other Views i-vii, I.
ATI: Sectarians Bhk. Thanissaro, trans.
WP: 68. Other Sects, 289

#69: Akusalamūla (Mūla) Suttaɱ, I.201

PTS: Roots of Demerit i-xi, I.182
ATI: Roots Bhk. Thanissaro, trans.
WP: 69. Roots, 291

#70: Uposatha (Mūluposatha) Suttaɱ I.205

PTS: Sorts of Sabbath i-xxiv, I.185
ATI: The Roots of the Uposatha
WP: 70. Uposatha, 294

VIII (71-80). Ānanda Vagga,) I.215

PTS: About Ananda, I.195
WP: Ānanda, 303

#71: Channa Suttaɱ, I.215

PTS: Channa i-iii, I.195
ATI (has this at #72): To Channa the Wanderer
WP: 71. Channa, 303

#72: Ājīvaka Suttaɱ, I.217

PTS: The Ascetic i-vi, I.196
ATI (has this at #73): To the Fatalists' Student
WP: 72. Ājīvaka, 304

#73: Mahānāmasakka Suttaɱ, I.219

PTS: The Sakyan i-vi, I.198
ATI: To the Sakyan
WP: 73. The Sakyan, 306

#74: Nigaṇṭha Suttaɱ, I.220

PTS: The Unclothed i-iii, I.200
WP: 74. The Nigaṇṭha, 307

#75: Nivesaka Suttaɱ, I.222

PTS: To Be Advised i-v, I.202
WP: 75. Should Be Encouraged, 308

#76: Paṭhama Bhava Suttaɱ, I.223

PTS: Becoming i-iii, I.203
ATI: Becoming (1), Bhk. Thanissaro, trans.
WP: 76. Existence, 309
BD: Existence 1

#77: Dutiya Bhava Suttam I.224

PTS: Intention and aspiration i-iii, I.204
ATI: Becoming (2), Bhk. Thanissaro, trans.
WP: 77. Volition and Aspiration, 309
BD: Existence 2

#78: Sīlabbata Suttaɱ, I.225

PTS: Service, I.204
ATI: Precept and Practice, Bhk. Thanissaro, trans.
BD: Ethical Practices, Olds, trans.
WP: 78. Setting Up, 311

#79: Gandhajāta Suttaɱ, I.225

PTS: Scent i-iii, I.205
WP: 79. Fragrance, 312

#80: Cūḷanikā or Abhibhu Suttaɱ, I.226

PTS: Abhibhu i-v, I.206
WP: 80. Abhibhū, 312

IX (81-90). Samaṇa Vagga, I.229

PTS: The Recluse, I.208
WP: Ascetics, 314

#81: Samaṇa Suttaɱ, I.229 [The Pali text followed by WP and Bhk. Thanissaro has this as two suttas, the second of which is called Gadrabha Suttaɱ,]

PTS: The Recluse i-ii, I.208
ATI: The Donkey Bhk. Thanissaro trans. He numbers this as #81, but translates as per WP #82 and CSCD #83.
WP: 81. Ascetics, 314
WP: 82. The Donkey, 315

#82: Khetta Suttaɱ, I.229

PTS: Agriculture i-ii, I.
WP: 83. The Field, 315

#83: Vajjiputta Suttaɱ, I.230

PTS: The Vajjian i-iii, I.210
ATI The Vajjian Monk Bhk. Thanissaro, trans.
WP: 84. The Young Vajji, 316

#84: Sekkha Suttaɱ, I.231

PTS: Pupil, I.210
WP: 85. A Trainee, 316

#85: Paṭhama Sikkha Suttaɱ, I.231

PTS: Recital a i-v, I.211
ATI One in Training (1) Bhk. Thanissaro, trans.
WP: 86. The Process of Training (1), 317
BD: Outline of #s 85-86-87 Olds

#86: Dutiya Sikkha Suttaɱ, I.232

PTS: Recital b i-iv, I.212
ATI One in Training (2) Bhk. Thanissaro, trans.
WP: 87. The Process of Training (2), 318
BD: Outline of #s 85-86-87 Olds

#87: Tatiya Sikkha Suttaɱ, I.234

PTS: Recital c i-iii, I.214
WP: 88. The Process of Training (3), 320
BD: Outline of #s 85-86-87 Olds

#88: Paṭhama Sikkhattaya Suttaɱ, I.235

PTS: Training a, I.214
ATI: Sikkha Sutta; Trainings 1
Buddhism in Translations, Concentration. and Conduct (Excerpts). Warren, trans.
WP: 89. The Trainings (1), 321

#89: Dutiya Sikkhattaya Suttaɱ, I.235

PTS: Training b, I.215
ATI: Trainings 2
WP: 90. The Trainings (2), 321

#90: Paṇkadhā or Saŋkavā Suttaɱ, I.236

PTS: Pankadhā i-viii, I.216
WP: 91. Paṅkadhā, 321

X (91-100). Loṇaphala Vagga, I.239

PTS: A Grain of Salt, I.219
WP: A Lump of Salt, 325

#91: Accāyika Suttaɱ, I.239

PTS: Urgent i-ii, I.219
ATI: Urgent
WP: 92. Urgent, 325

#92: Paviveka Suttaɱ, I.240. Note that the BJT and CSCD Pali break this into two suttas here.

PTS: Aloofness i-iv, I.220
WP: 93. Solitude, 326
WP: 94. Autumn, 326

#93: (untitled) I.242

PTS: Companies i-v, I.222
WP: 95. Assemblies, 326

#94: Paṭhama Ājānīya Suttaɱ, I.244

PTS: The Thoroughbred (a) i-v, I.223
ATI: The Thoroughbred
WP: 96. Thoroughbred (1), 329

#95: Dutiyam Ājānīya Suttaɱ, I.245

PTS: The Thoroughbred (b) i-v, I.224
WP: 97. Thoroughbred (2), 329

#96: Tatiyam Ājānīya Suttaɱ, I.245

PTS: The Thoroughbred (c) i-v, I.224
WP: 98. Thoroughbred (3), 330

#97: Potthaka Suttaɱ, I.246

PTS: Rough Cloth i-iv, I.224
WP: 99. Bark Fabric, 330

#98: Potthaka Suttaɱ (part 2) or Kāsikaɱ Vatthaɱ Suttaɱ, I.247

PTS: Cloth of Benares i-iv, I.225

#99: Loṇakapalla Suttaɱ, I.249

PTS: A Grain of Salt, I.227
ATI: The Salt Crystal
Buddhism in Translations, AN 3.99. Warren, trans.
BD: Discussion of this sutta WP: 100. A Lump of Salt, 331

#100: Paɱsudhovaka Suttaɱ, I.253

PTS: Gold-refiner i-xv, I.231
ATI: 1. Pansadhovaka Sutta; The Dirt-washer
ATI: 2. Nimitta Sutta; Themes
WP: 101. The Soil Remover, 335
WP: 102. A Goldsmith, 338

XI (101-110). Sambodhi Vagga, I.258

PTS: Enlightenment, I.237
WP: Enlightenment, 339

#101: Pubbeva Sambodha Suttaɱ, I.258

PTS: Before i-iv, I.237
WP: 103. Before, 339
WP: 104. Gratification (1), 340

#102: Assāda Suttaɱ, I.260

PTS: Satisfaction, I.238
WP: 105. Gratification (2), 340
WP: 106. Ascetics, 341

#103: Ruṇṇa Suttaɱ, I.261

PTS: Lamentation, I.239
WP: 107. Wailing, 342

#104: Atitti Suttaɱ, I.261

PTS: Satiety, I.239
WP: 108. No Satiation, 342

#105: Kuta Suttaɱ, (1) I.261

PTS: The peak a, I.240
ATI: Kuta Sutta; The Peak of the Roof, Bhk. Thanissaro, trans.
BD: The Peaked-roof Hut
WP: 109. Peaked Roof (1), 342

#106: Kuta (2) (Vyāpanna) Suttaɱ, I.262

PTS: The peak b, I.241
BD: Not Warped
WP: 110. Peaked Roof (2), 343

#107: Paṭhama Nidāna Suttaɱ, I.263

PTS: Three Causes (a), I.241
WP: 111. Causes (1), 343

#108: Dutiya Nidāna Suttaɱ, I.263

PTS: Three causes (b), I.241
WP: 112. Causes (2), 344

#109: Tatiya Nidāna Suttaɱ, I.264

PTS: Three Causes (c) i-iv, I.242

#110: Catuttha Nidāna Suttaɱ, I.265

PTS: Three Causes (d) i-iv, I.243

XII (111-120). Āpāyika Vagga, I.265

PTS: The Downfall, I.244
WP: Bound for the Plane of Misery, 346

#111: Āpāyika Suttaɱ, I.265

PTS: Doomed to the Downfall, I.244
WP: 113. Bound for the Plane of Misery, 346

#112: Dullabha Suttaɱ, I.266

PTS: Hard to Find, I.244
WP: 114. Rare, 346

#113: Appameyya Suttaɱ, I.166

PTS: Immeasurable, I.244
WP: 115. Immeasurable, 346

#114: Āneñja Suttaɱ, I.167

PTS: The sphere of infinite space i-iii, I.245
BD: The Difference, Olds, trans.
WP: 116. Imperturbable, 347

#115: Vipattisampadā Suttaɱ, I.268

PTS: Failure and Success i-viii, I.247
WP: 117. Failures and Accomplishments, 348

#116: Apaññaka Suttaɱ, I.270

PTS: Sure i-iv, I.248
WP: 118. Dice, 350

#117: Kammanta Suttaɱ, I.270

PTS: Action i-vi, I.248
WP: 119. Activity, 351

#118: Paṭhama Soceyya Suttaɱ, I.271

PTS: Purity a, I.249
WP: 120. Purity (1), 351

#119: Dutiya Soceyya Suttaɱ, I.272

PTS: Purity b i-ix, I.250
WP: 121. Purity (2), 352

#120: Moneyya Suttaɱ, I.273

PTS: Perfection, I.251
ATI: Sagacity
WP: 122. Sagacity, 353

XIII (121-130). Kusināra Vagga, I.274

PTS: At Kusinara, I.251
WP: Bharaṇḍu, 353

#121: Kusināra Suttaɱ, I.274

PTS: Kusināra, I.251
WP: 123. Kusinārā, 353

#122: Bhaṇḍana Suttaɱ, I.275

PTS: Strife, I.252
WP: 124. Arguments, 354

#123: Gotamake Cetiye Suttaɱ, I.276

PTS: Gotama Shrine, I.253
ATI: At Gotamaka Shrine
BD: The Gotamaka Sutta
WP: 125. Gotamaka, 355

#124: Bharaṇḍukālāma Suttaɱ, I.276

PTS: Bharandu i-vi, I.254
WP: 126. Bharaṇḍu, 356

#125: Hatthaka Suttaɱ, I.278

PTS: Hatthaka i-ii, I.256
WP: 127. Hatthaka, 357

#126: Kaṭuviyaŋ Suttaɱ, I.279

PTS: Corrupt i-iii, I.258
ATI: Katuviya Sutta; Putrid, Bhk. Thanissaro, trans.
WP: 128. Pollution, 358

#127: Paṭhama Anuruddha Suttaɱ, I.281

PTS: Anuruddha a, I.259
WP: 129. Anuruddha (1), 359

#128: Dutiya Anuruddha Suttaɱ, I.281

PTS: Anuruddha b i-iii, I.260
BD: 128. Anuruddha WP: 130. Anuruddha (2), 360

#129: Paṭicchanna Suttaɱ, I.282

PTS: Secret, I.261
WP: 131. Concealed, 361

#130: Lekha Suttaɱ, I.283

PTS: Carved on Rock, Earth and Water i-iii, I.262
ATI: Inscriptions
WP: 132. Line Etched in Stone, 361

XIV (131-140). Yodhāvīva Vagga, I.284

PTS: The Fighting-Man, I.263
WP: A Warrior, 362

#131: Yodhājīva Suttaɱ, I.284

PTS: Fighting-Man i-v, I.263
WP: 133. A Warrior, 362

#132: Parisā Suttaɱ, I.285

PTS: Companies, I.264
WP: 134. Assemblies, 363

#133: Mitta Suttaɱ, I.286

PTS: The Friend, I.264
WP: 135. A Friend, 363

#134: Uppādā Suttaɱ, I.286

PTS: Appearance i-iii, I.264
ATI: Dhamma-niyama Sutta; The Orderliness of the Dhamma
Buddhism in Translations: The Three Characteristics, Warren, trans.
BD: Settled
WP: 136. Arising, 363

#135: Kesakambalo Suttaɱ, I.286

BD: Hair Blanket
PTS: Hair-Blanket i-iv, I.265
WP: 137. A Hair Blanket, 364

#136: Sampadā/Vuddhi Suttaɱ, I.287

PTS: Attainments, I.266
WP: 138. Accomplishment, 365
WP: 139. Growth, 365

#137: Assakhaḷuṇka Suttaɱ, I.287

PTS: Colts i-iv, I.266
WP: 140. Horses (1), 365

#138: Assasadassā Suttaɱ, I.289

PTS: Thoroughbreds i-v, I.268
WP: 141. Horses (2), 366

#139; Assājāniya Suttaɱ, I.290

PTS: Trained Steeds, I.269
WP: 142. Horses (3), 368

#140: Moranivāpa Suttaɱ, I.291

PTS: Peacocks' Feeding-ground i-iii, I270.
WP: 143. The Peacock Sanctuary (1), 368
WP: 144. The Peacock Sanctuary (2), 369
WP: 145. The Peacock Sanctuary (3), 369

XV (141-150). Maŋgala Vagga, I.292

PTS: Good Auspices, I.270
WP: Auspicious, 369

#141: Akusala Suttaɱ, I.292

PTS: Sinful, I.270
WP: 146. Unwholesome, 369

#142: Sāvajja Suttaɱ, I.292

PTS: Blameworthy, I.271
WP: 147. Blameworthy, 369

#143: Visama Suttaɱ, I.293

PTS: Crooked, I.271
WP: 148. Unrighteous, 370

#144: Asuci Suttaɱ, I.293

PTS: Foul, I.271
WP: 149. Impure, 370

#145: Paṭhama Khata Suttaɱ, I.293

PTS: Lifeless a, I.271
WP: 150. Maimed (1), 370

#146: Dutiya Khata Suttaɱ, I.293

PTS: Lifeless b, I.271
WP: 151. Maimed (2), 371

#147: Tatiya Khata Suttaɱ, I.293

PTS: Lifeless c, I.271
WP: 152. Maimed (3), 371

#148: Catuttha Khata Suttaɱ, I.294

PTS: Lifeless d, I.272
WP: 153. Maimed (4), 371

#149: Vandanā Suttaɱ, I.294

PTS: Homage, I.272
WP: 154. Homage, 371

#150: Pubbaṇha Suttaɱ, I.294

PTS: Happy, I.272
WP: 155. A Good Morning, 371

XVI (151-163). Acelaka Vagga, I.295

PTS: The Unclothed, I.272
WP: Ways of Practice, 371

#151: Paṭhavi Paṭipadā Suttaɱ, I.295

PTS: Practices a i-iii, I.
WP: 156. Establishments of Mindfulness, 372

#152: Dutiya Paṭipadā Suttaɱ, etc. I.296

PTS: Practices b ~, I.275. Note: The PTS has (likely) incorrectly made this into one sutta. It is included here as one sutta, showing section breaks but without repeating the first part of each sutta for the sake of maintaining the PTS sutta numbering system intact.
WP: 157-162. Right Strivings, Etc., 373

#153: Nikkhitto Niraye Suttaɱ (a) I.297
#154: Nikkhitto Niraye Suttaɱ (b) I.297
#155: Nikkhitto Niraye Suttaɱ (c) I.297
#156: Nikkhitto Niraye Suttaɱ (d) I.298
#157: Nikkhitto Niraye Suttaɱ (e) I.298
#158: Nikkhitto Niraye Suttaɱ (f) I.298
#159: Nikkhitto Niraye Suttaɱ (g) I.298
#160: Nikkhitto Niraye Suttaɱ (h) I.298
#161: Nikkhitto Niraye Suttaɱ (i) I.299
#162: Nikkhitto Niraye Suttaɱ (j) I.299

PTS: 153: Put into Purgatory a, I.275
154: Put into Purgatory b, I.276
155: Put into Purgatory c, I.276
156: Put into Purgatory d, I.276
157: Put into Purgatory e, I.276
158: Put into Purgatory f, I.276
159: Put into Purgatory g, I.276
160: Put into Purgatory h, I.276
161: Put into Purgatory i, I.276
162: Put into Purgatory j, I.276
WP: 163-182. Courses of Kamma Repetition Series, 374

#163: Rāga Peyyālaɱ I.299

PTS: Lust, I.276
BD: 163. Lust Repetition Series
WP: 183-352. Lust and So Forth Repetition Series, 376

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